Perso Video 360 Announces Upcoming Software Launch


(Montreal, Quebec)— Perso Video 360 has announced the upcoming launch of their new software platform. The company is proud to introduce the Personalizer 360 Video Editor to the market as the Perso team aims to break new ground in the world of cloud technology and video editing. The tool will be available for purchase in the coming weeks, and Perso Video 360 encourages those who want to secure their subscription to stay glued to their website and keep an eye out for an official launch date announcement.

Emile Van Winden, the CEO of Perso Video 360, stated “We could not be more excited about the forthcoming launch of our Personalizer 360 video editing platform. Our team has worked hard to bring this software to the market and are convinced that it is a much-needed solution for those who work with video on a regular basis or rely on it to create success with their marketing efforts. This is the only cloud-based 360 video editor currently available, and that in and of itself makes it noteworthy for our industry.”

According to research giant Forrester, Pesonalized Video has been shown to increase click-through rates by up to 985 percent. The Personalizer 360 Video Editor helps business owners achieve this kind of success with features like interactive social tools and lower third templates with embedded call-to-actions. With the collaboration capability, marketing teams can work together to create their perfect 360 virtual tour without ever leaving their browser and will find it easy to integrate with top marketing platforms, email autoresponders, landing page software suites, and CMS solutions like WordPress.

As Mr. Van Winden continued, “With this launch, we’re aiming to provide a complete ‘software as a service’ solution for video marketing. Simply put, personalized videos are the future of video marketing. They can go a long way in increasing click-through rates and audience engagement, which in turn helps business owners get the maximum return on their investment.”

Those who are interested in learning more about Perso Video’s Personalizer 360 platform or getting on the company’s software launch list should visit for more information.

About Perso Video 360:

Perso Video 360 is the leading Personalized Video Marketing Platform and the first Cloud-Based 360 Video Editor. Increase CTR & boost conversions with higher video engagement. The platform includes interactive social tools and lower third templates with embedded call-to-actions. Perso Video 360 integrates with the top marketing platforms, email autoresponders, landing pages software, and WordPress. The platform’s collaboration feature allows users to add unlimited team members at no extra cost.


Top Reasons to Learn Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Money Off It

Affiliate Marketing creates a virtual business partnership between yourself and the person or company responsible for the product or service you are promoting. Creativity and hard work are very well rewarded with Affiliate Marketing. Contrary to current work model in Affiliate Marketing your skills and talents will not only reward another individual but you will also see the reward immediately. Its’ a win win situation. The harder you work and more creative you get at it the higher the reward will be for all parties.

Now that we know that, Affiliate marketing can potentially lead you to finally getting the rewards you deserve or maybe even a lot more, is affiliate marketing right for you? First of all, if you consider yourself to be an independent self motivate hard worker these are definitely qualities of a good Affiliate Marketer. Many of us are stuck in day to day jobs and work incredibly hard day in and day out to only receive little reward. There is nearly no incentive to work harder. On the other hand in affiliate marketing, the limit is only set by you. You will get your reward based on your performance so the harder you work, generally the better it will be. Working harder would potentially lead you to making more sales and on the other hand the more creative you work will lead you to getting sales that you never thought were possible..

How about making money off something your actually good at? How about that for a change? Maybe you’re a good web designer and you will be able to make killer pages to sell your products on. Maybe you’re just a natural when it comes to sales? Have you got the ability to talk to people and almost convince them into anything you want? If so you can apply that capability to Affiliate Marketing. Or maybe you’re an expert in a very specific niche? Then show your expertise and experience to the world. People always like to buy from someone who knows what he is talking about.

Probably one of the best parts of it all is that you will have very little or no cost at all to start up. If you have reached this far it probably means that you have been thinking of many different ways to start your own businesses somehow. Though the thing is that even the smallest businesses will require some sort of initial and investment and most of them just fail in their very first year. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to have an initial investment you just need to commit to work a few hours a week on it and you will see your rewards. Like mentioned before the more hours and harder you work the more impressive your reward will be.

Affiliate marketing is not for all. Maybe you just want to make money with out much work and not too worried on how high your reward will be then real estate market is your best bet. On the other had if you want to be able to see how your hard work is being paid off day after day then you should definitely have a look into Affiliate Marketing.